How to Quickly Climb the Corporate Ladder

Have you ever worked at a job and watched others quickly get promoted? What are they doing that you are not? How can you climb the corporate ladder not only quickly but efficiently? I have compiled some steps that should assist you with getting the results that you want quickly.

Step #1  Write down the job responsibilities for your current position and master them.

Step #2   Go above and beyond on each job assignment that you are given. For example, if you are expected to take 70 calls, take 100, if you are expected to finish all paperwork by 5, finish all paperwork for that day as well as the next. If you are expected to close 5 sales, close 10. Achieve double the amount of standards that you are expected.

Step #3 Attitude is priceless. Always use the power of politeness. It is a powerful tool. Use it with clients as well as co-workers. Even on your worst days, just smile and keep your eye focused on your goal. Attitude can be a ladder breaker if you are projecting negative energy. If you need help in this area, practice at home, research corporate etiquette suggestions online and at your local library. It is an extremely important area to master in your journey to successfully climbing a corporate ladder.

Step #4 Report to work 10 to 15 minutes earlier than your shift begins.  Develop a reputation for being reliable and punctual.

Step #5 Initiate innovative ideas that can help your company improve their bottom line. Think of things that can be done differently that will result in ways to save money or improve customer service relations. This will be a boss pleaser every time. Make your boss shine and you shine.

Step #6 Never submit mediocre work. Always strive to submit concise detailed work that captures the attention of others. The compliments that you receive will build your reputation for quality work and will place you in a position of high demand from other departments within the corporation.

Step #7 Save any letters written into your company about you that reference appreciation from clients and be sure to share with your boss.

Step #8 Provide support and guidance to co-workers who are new to the company. Assisting others to become better only makes your team stronger and positions you as a leader.

Step#9   Use networking skills. Attend any after work events that your company offers to build relationships with others. This allows you to network with people in other departments and allow others to place a face with a name. This also builds your reputation and allows you to use your politeness skills to position you ahead of the rest.

Focus on these key steps and position yourself to climb the ladder of corporate success very quickly. If you are in need of further information please contact me. Happy climbing!

Cortence Batiste

Motivational Speaker and Coach

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