How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Grow Hair FasterIf you learn to follow a few simple tips, you can definitely help to make your hair grow faster. The overall trick is to incorporate a holistic approach in your lifestyle and daily habits in order to make your hair grow the fastest. If you have short hair and want to make your hair grow, you should still follow these steps. If your hair is of moderate length and you want it down to the bottom of your back, the following approach will unquestionably make your hair grow faster.

Keep Hair in Excellent Condition at All Times

You must thoroughly and professionally maintain your hair. This means proper washings and shampooing and regular visits to the barber or hairdresser. You should use hair conditioners after you shampoo and you need to keep your hair as clean as possible at all times. Whenever dirt, dust or debris gets caught in your hair, that prevents the hair follicles from growing out as quickly as they can.

No matter what type of hair texture or style you have, simply make certain that you brush and comb it regularly. Don’t use a blow dryer too often. A towel dry is a much better technique to take care of your hair. Children as well as teens and adults all need to keep these points in mind and follow them daily.

Reduce Stress and Exercise More

Being under constant stress causes not only your entire body and mind to suffer but it can specifically affect the rate at which your hair grows. Stress reduces certain natural oils and chemicals found in all human hair and without these substances, hair growth significantly slows down. You can help reduce stress by exercising regularly and meditating and performing yoga to help relax and get rid of all your tension, pressure and anxiety.

Exercise especially will increase blood circulation to the scalp and this process will help invigorate and improve the growth of hair stands and follicles at the fastest rate. It’ll also make the strands stronger due to the nutritional content found in the oxygenated blood that flows to your scalp and head area during aerobic, resistance and flexibility exercises. Reducing stress has another benefit in that it loosens up the scalp muscles so you feel less tension and this helps allow the surrounding arteries and blood vessels in the hair area to dilate and breathe and function much more efficiently. The result is better overall hair growth.

Boost Nutrition

You must start to eat much better than you are if you really want to see your hair grow faster. Better nutrition will benefit all areas of the body and brain but it can specifically help the scalp. You want to particularly concentrate on eating a wide variety of antioxidants. These are found in fresh fruits and vegetables, and include vitamins A, C and E. Also, start to incorporate omega 3 fish oils in your diet by eating fresh water fish three times a week such as salmon, tuna and mackerel. These omega 3 fish oils are extremely potent antioxidants and they also add moisture to dry scalps which if kept dry can diminish the rate of hair growth substantially.

You can also take fish oil supplements or take flaxseed oil pills which have the same type of omega 3 fatty acids that benefit the scalp. You also need to superhydrate every day. Drink at least eight, eight ounce glasses of water per day to keep the hair follicles and scalp fully hydrated at all times.

Maintain a Steady Weight

Don’t try to lose weight too quickly if you’re obese. Medical studies have proven that losing fat fast also makes a person lose their hair fast, and that’s just the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish. Don’t think you can simply lose all the weight you want at a fast rate and then just apply a hair growth product. This will only add some hair to your head. It won’t at all make your existing hair grow any faster.

Eat between 1,500-2,000 calories a day and concentrate on lean protein, whole grains, and low fat dairy products in your efforts to reduce your weight. Don’t try any crash or fad diets as they won’t help your hair grow any faster either.

Take Care of Any Medical Issues

Many diseases and ailments can paralyze the growth of your hair and can even make your hair fall out. That’s why it’s essential to get all of your medical symptoms properly diagnosed and treated with the right prescription medications. But watch what you’re prescribed as some drugs can also diminish hair growth or even cause a loss of hair. But if you stay in tip top physical shape, you’ll have a much greater chance of also having a super healthy scalp, and very fast growing strands of hair, whether your hair is straight, curly, permed, weaved, or more rough textured.

Always keep your blood pressure in check and take care of any diabetic problem if you have it as that can sometimes cause diminished hair growth as well. So be aware and be smart and you can definietly have much faster and longer growing hair before you know it.

Image by Flickr user Yuliya Libkina


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