How to Import Bookmarks Into Firefox 4

Firefox 4 adds a lot of fun and creative usability features to your browser, including a lot of ways to organize your bookmarks. With the new Sync function you can share your open tabs, history and bookmarks across multiple devices. This cloud-like control of your bookmarks makes it easy to access your Firefox bookmarks anytime and from anywhere. In fact, you can easily make Firefox 4 your bookmark hub. While you can’t sync bookmarks from multiple browsers to your devices, you can import all of your book marks from Chrome, IE and Opera and Safari into one installation of Firefox putting all of your bookmarks in one easily managed and synced place.

Firefox 4 can import browser data directly from some browsers. Others will require you to export your bookmarks as html files. Here are the steps to sync bookmarks from non-Firefox browsers:

Direct Imports With Import Wizard – IE, Opera, Safari (on mac)

Firefox 4 can import browser information directly from Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari (on mac). This process is done entirely in Firefox, and you can choose what browser information you want to import.  This is how it is done:

  • Step 1 – Bring up the traditional file menu by pressing the ALT key.
  • Step 2 – Select Import from the File drop down menu.
  • Step 3 – Choose which browser you want to import from.
  • Step 4 – Choose what data you want to import. Depending on the browser you can  choose to import your options, cookies, history, passwords and favorites.
  • Step 5 – Click the finish button.


Firefox will take a moment to import the information. You will find all of the imported bookmarks in your bookmarks menu in a folder named after the browser; for example, Internet Explorer Bookmarks. From there you can use the bookmark manager (Ctrl + Shift + B) to organize them.

Importing With HTML Files – Chrome, Safari (on pc)

The import wizard in Firefox 4 is not compatible with Chrome or Safari on pc’s, so you will need to manually export your bookmarks from those browsers and then import them into Firefox. This adds a few extra steps, but it’s still really easy.

  • Step 1 – Open the browser whose bookmarks you want to import.
  • Step 2 – Open the export bookmarks window. In Chrome open the Bookmark manager (Ctrl + Shift + B), and select Export Bookmarks under the tools menu. In Safari select Export bookmarks under the File menu.
  • Step 3 – Save your bookmarks somewhere you can find them. Both browsers will ask you to choose a location to save the file. By default both browsers will save the information as an HTML file.
  • Step 4 – Open the bookmark manger in Firefox by pressing Ctrl + Shift + B.
  • Step 5 – Under the Import and Backup menu select Import HTML.
  • Step 6 – Navigate to your exported bookmarks and click open. Your Chrome and Safari bookmarks will be automatically merged with your Firefox Bookmarks.

Now that you have all your bookmarks imported into Firefox 4, you can access them from any synced Firefox device. You no longer have to remember with which browser on which computer you made a bookmark, because they are all synced together.

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