How to Choose Furniture for a Small Living Room

The house in which you live or the new apartment you have chosen to buy is in a prime location and gorgeous beyond belief. However, there’s one small problem, and small it certainly is. The living room is little and short of building an expensive extension, there’s little that can be done about it. Or is there? Whilst one might not be able to increase the size of the walls, the choice of furniture that’s placed within is certainly a great way to make a living room look bigger.

So how can you choose furniture for a small living room?

Size of the Furniture

Alice in Wonderland saw the benefits of being scaled down in size and this is precisely what you need to do when selecting furniture for a smaller interior. A large and rotund sofa, regardless of how expensive and visually appealing it is, will feel decidedly tight and out of place in a small interior space. Likewise, half a dozen chairs will sit well in a spacious interior but will be a burden in a small living room.

Two great alternatives to regular sofas are the loveseat and the sofa-bed. The first item of seating furniture is small in length whilst still being able to hold two people. The latter doubles as a bed and thus creates an extra sleeping space in the living room for more compact homes.

What Color Furniture?

Ouch! That yellow sofa is not going to help matters when it comes to increasing the visual appearance and apparent size of a living room. A dark brown or black leather sofa with bulging sides is not going to be a benefit either. When filling a smaller living room with furniture it is wise to avoid very bright and loud colors, just as it is equally important to reduce the amount of dark materials which make the interior ambiance heavier.

For a small room, choose neutral colors such as white, cream and natural woods. These will make the interior space of the living room appear larger than it really is and will compliment most wall tones, floor designs and decorative accessories, most notably of which are mirrors. Small bits of color can be achieved with the use of accent cushions and throws.

Storage Space

Even in small living rooms, some items will need to be stored away. In fact, it’s more important to have good quality storage furniture in a room lacking size than in any other type of interior. Objects lying around on the floor and stacked to tipping point on shelves will eventually cause a nasty accident and will also likely give you a major clutter-induced headache.

The answer to storage problems lies in selecting furniture with multiple uses. For example, many storage trunks double up as comfortable benches when closed. In a similar fashion, you can find Ottomans and stools with in-built storage compartments perfect for the placement of magazines, spare electrical equipment, candles, incense sticks and various other bits and pieces. Many coffee tables have secret compartments and shelves beneath the table top, as do many side tables for setting next to a sofa or armchair.

Being stuck with a small living room need not be a burden nor a decorative limitation. There are thousands of furniture pieces out there that will suit any sized interior space, especially one on a small scale. When selecting furniture from an existing collection or from a store, consider the above points and you will soon see that there will be items of furniture shouting out to you as perfect possibilities for placement in your petite living room.

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