How to Get A Degree With A Busy Schedule

Sorry everybody, “I’m too busy for school” is just not a viable excuse anymore.  Online schooling has made it possible for the even the busiest of moms to get the education they have been longing for.  Ranging from criminal justice degrees to business administration degrees, education and even engineering, the variety of classes offered at online universities is near endless.  So how do you  make that first step? 

 Organize Your Time

This may be the hardest step in pursuing your degree.  The convenience of an online education is becoming increasingly more popular, however it still does require time and energy.  Here are a few tips to getting the most out of your day (or night).  First you need to identify the times of the day that you have natural windows of time.  These windows may include times while the kids are at school, or the hour commute you have to work or even the time after your roommates have all gone to bed.  Identifying these times helps you to see clearly the possibility of climbing the mountain you see in front of you.

After identifying these times, you can work on extending them so you can fit as much in to these “down” times as possible.  For mothers, perhaps you can work out a driving schedule with a few other moms so you only drive your kid(s) to school once a week.  Similarly, for people who work full time you can do your best to carpool to work, awarding yourself the time in the car on days you don’t have to drive.  Also, it is important to always be prepared for a study break.  When you know you’ll have an hour here and there have your materials ready and at hand.  The beauty of the online course is that you are never more than a wi-fi spot or air-card away from the classroom.

Be Proactive

It’s essential to plan ahead with steps needed to take in order to better yourself. It doesn’t hurt to make a list of long-term goals as well as a list of short-term goals. By being proactive and sitting down to organize a plan of action you’re ensuring that getting ahead is a possibility. If you visualize what it is you want from life, then it makes it easier to accomplish the steps necessary.

Long-term goals are of utmost importance, but they can take a bit longer to reach. That’s why it’s helpful to make a list of the short-term goals you work on that lead up to the ultimate goals set you’ve set for yourself. Being proactive about your goals can give you a feeling of attainment and in turn it can build your self-esteem and confidence level. Becoming a self-assured person is one of the biggest tasks in overall goal completion. You must value yourself in order to believe in your abilities.

Think Optimistically Yet Remain Rational

It’s extremely important to maintain a positive outlook in your degree pursuit. Keep your degree goals somewhat high, but don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go exactly as planned. Yes, it’s good to feel some sort of discontentment when goals aren’t achieved exactly how you want, but never feel defeated. If you set your goals too high to a point where they become impossible to reach in a given timeline, then you are just setting yourself up for guaranteed disappointment. That’s never a good thing to do.

Don’t let your busy schedule become a burden that you allow to sabotage your ultimate dreams. There’s always a way to reach the higher grounds you seek, but much footwork and dedication must be included in order to get that online education you’ve been looking for.

*Image courtesy of American InterContinental University

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