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If you have a good idea for a resource (an article, a tutorial…) that you’d like to submit as a post on Howstruct, we’d love to hear from you – We are always looking for unique, high-quality content from experts in their hobby, interest or profession.

If we do publish your post, we’ll include your name, a short bio and a link to your personal blog or company website.  Each author will also get their own page listing all their Howstruct articles.

What You Provide

  • Original, unique quality content that reflects your expertise and provides value to readers.
  • Basic formatting that breaks up the content, such as images, bullet points, headings and sections (it’s easy to do using our WYSIWYG editor!).
  • A three to four sentence bio that can include a link to your personal blog or company website.

Benefits for You:

  • Earn Money! We run Google Adsense on this site and any articles posted by you will display targeted ads.  We rotate ownership of these ads  automatically  between the website and you- displaying your ads most of the time.  In fact you will receive 75 % of the ad impressions, and therefore revenue made from your articles.   In order for you to receive payment from advertisements you will need a Google Adsense account.  For information on setting up an account and linking it to your Howstruct profile, click here.
  • Share your knowledge and expertise with others all around the world. Choose any topic or topics you wish to write about and submit as many articles as you like. Helping others to learn new skills can be very rewarding.
  • Add to your online portfolio and build up an extra online income.  Once you post your articles on, they will keep earning you money- no one-off payments here!
  • Build your personal brand recognition and authority in your area of expertise. Simply submit fact filled, useful articles.  This is a great way to reach new audiences, increase your exposure and popularity online.

What can I write about?

Well first and foremost your articles should instruct or inform in some way.  We call the type of content we’re looking for the Three I’s: Informative -Instructional – Inspirational! If  what you write covers one, both or all of the three then it will be a good fit on the site, apart from that the choice of what to write about is entirely up to you!

Is there anything else I  need to know?

Before you sign up, read our  terms of use.   Have more questions?  See the main site FAQ or Contact Us

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